Taken last three years

Birthday boy!! Tgk...

Last night (27th May 2008), we was celebrating his 28th birthday at CF House. His presence has becoming a blessing for us, you do!! We having BBQ meals, fish, terung, kerang, capsicum, cili pun jadi menu. Actually, this occasion is for Gloria Evangeline David and Godpray Ginsawat (their last week as bachelor and bachelorette). This weekend both of them are going back to Sabah for their wedding ceremony. Sorry we unable to attend your wedding!! But our prayers will always be with you..... During the occasion, Ato officially declare that he dated someone, who is that fellow might be...and he announced that the historical declaration will take place in September 2008. No pilling session is occur... Syukur Ato still 'virgin' semalam... Hehehehehee....!! Tak ada gambar from me for that birthday party...


Name : Ato Biruk

D.O.B. : 27 May 1980

Origin : Miri, Sarawak

Status : Single (officially declare this September)

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