"Petals On The Wind" is one of the greatest novel that I've ever read. It is the sequel of Virginia Andrews extravaganza bestseller in 1980's, title "Flowers In The Attic" which is her first novel to be published in 1979 (exactly the year I've born). The story is based on the tragic true story that compelled immediate respond from American. Read the following statement of Virginia Adrews accomplishment in writing. However, her phenomenon in writing skill is only occured in short period of time.
"Her first novel, 'Flowers in the Attic', was based on a true story and became an immediate bestseller on publication in 1979, receiving tremendous acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic and being adapted for the big screen. It was followed by more books about the Dollanganger family, 'Petals on the Wind', 'If There be Thorns', 'Seeds of Yesterday', and a prequel to 'Flowers in the Attic', 'Garden of Shadows'. In addition to these novels, she is also the author of 'My Sweet Audrina' and the Casteel family saga: 'Heaven', 'Dark Angel', 'Fallen Hearts', 'Gates of Paradise' and 'Web of Dreams', all set in Virginia Andrews ' home country, West Virginia, and in Boston.Virignia Andrews died in 1986, and left a considerable amount of unpublished material."
If you amongst the million of her fan and reading is your habits, I would like to suggest this book to fill up your spare time. The genre is heavy drama. Trust me you will understand the dark side of human life once your own parent demolish your dream as a child. (hatred, affair, revengence, forgiveness etc.)

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